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  • Great Dane Coffee Company Supports Dog Rescues

    Dog rescue organizations, foster organizations, and no-kill shelters have a new best friend.  George Carson, President and Chief Executive Dog Walker of the Great Dane Coffee Company, announced this week the formation of his brand of single-origin, blended, and flavored coffees in support of dog rescues and shelters across the United States. The company will be donating a full twenty percent of its profits to the charities it supports.

    "We reached out to the dog rescue community with the goal of donating $500 to $1,000 per shelter over the course of our first year in business, and the community responded," Carson declared. "We signed up eight dog rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters with stellar reputations. Because we are the 'Great Dane Coffee Company,' we placed a priority on organizations that help Great Danes; however, we included organizations that help breeds of all kinds, because...well...we love dogs."

    The company has launched, supporting eight shelters, including:

    • Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue (Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa)

    • OZR Great Dane Rescue (Florida)

    • All Breed Rescue & Training (Colorado)

    • FaerieLand Rescue, Inc., (Minnesota)

    • NW Florida Great Dane Rescue (Florida)

    • Great Dane Rescue & Sanctuary (Minnesota, Wisconsin)

    • Great Babies Rescue (Indiana)

    • Tails of Freedom K9 Rescue (Indiana)

    "It's almost as if each organization is a two-and-a-half-percent investor in our company," Carson explained. "Of course they haven't invested and aren't owners, but we're going to distribute twenty percent of our profits evenly among the group.  We may grow the group to ten before the end of our year, but probably no more than that, because we don't want to dilute our ability to make substantial donations to all of them."

    Great Dane Coffee Company will issue checks or electronic donations every three months. Carson expects his company's donations to be small at first, but he also expects them to grow as the company does.

    "My dream is to one day have enough dog lovers drinking our coffee and to donate an amount substantial enough to fully fund some shelters," Carson said, "but we're a ways from that. For now we're going to do what we can do to support the dedicated people who do this kind of work, rescuing and caring for dogs."

    Carson says he and his family were inspired to start the company by their own dogs and by their son's volunteerism at a Honolulu-based Humane Society.

    "We just looked at our relationships with our animals, the home life we provide for them and the love they give back to us, and we think every dog deserves to have that. If you don't like coffee or dogs, there might be something wrong with you," Carson joked.

    "I'm kidding," he added. "If you don't like coffee, I've got a fun t-shirt I'd be happy to sell you in support of these same shelters."

    The company held a "soft launch" this week and received more than a hundred orders from more than 2,000 visitors to our site.

    "We haven’t even set up social media or SEO yet," Carson admitted. "The response has been amazing. We’ve already had orders from as far away as The Netherlands and Australia. If we can keep up the pace we set for ourselves this week, we’ll be in track to donate $750 per shelter over the next four quarters."
    "No one working on this is taking a salary from it. Not me. Not our programming team. Not our social media influencers. We will invest the profit not donated to shelters back into the business in an effort to make our early success sustainable. Drink coffee. Save dogs. It’s a simple concept," Carson concluded.

    Great Dane Coffee Company can be found online at: 

    Shipping from the website is 100% free, and all sales of any items — coffee or gear — count toward the totals the company will donate to shelters and rescue organizations.

    There's also a link on the home page visitors can use to let the company know about their dog-rescue organizations, for future consideration by the company.