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Grrrrrrreat Sauce. A NEW Way to Support Great Dane Rescues!

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Our new sauces begin as pepper plants on a Costa Rican farm, not far from where some of our coffees are grown.  Better yet, they're created in Fort Worth, Texas, by people who know how to make great sauce. 

When you purchase this 3-pack of our wonderfully delicious Dobie Sauce (Habanero Crushed Pepper), Great Dane Giant (Chipotle Crushed), and amazing Rottweiler Black Dog (Scotch Bonnet Pepper), twenty percent of the profits in your purchase will benefit these rescues:

  • Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue

  • One Dane at a Time

  • Save Rocky the Great Dane

  • Regal Dane Rescue

  • Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue

  • All Breed Training & Rescue

  • FaerieLand Rescue

  • Great Babies Rescue

  • The Great Dane Rescue & Sanctuary

  • Tails of Freedom K9 Rescue

Each bottle contains a generous 5 ounces of deliciousness.

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