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  • How Much Does a Dog Cost: Wrenley's Story

    How Much Does a Dog Cost:  Wrenley's Story

    Meet Wrenley. 

    She's a survivor of Adult Canine Parvovirus. Bacteria from her mother's contaminated breast milk, lodged in her skull and her spine. This has left her with a weakened immune system, seizures, toxoplasmosis, urinary track infections — and she's prone to small injuries.

    Her owners — Dawn and Kamie, who operate a Facebook group known as Makari Danes — are fighters, too. 

    They aren't giving up on Wrenley.  They're working with a team of veterinarians to give Wrenley every chance at living her best life. And so far, they've spent more than $20,000 to save Wrenley, who is just one-year old.

    When Great Dane Coffee Company heard this story, we reached out to Dawn and Kamie with an offer to help. They agreed, and we released Wrenley Strong, a single-origin coffee from Brazil.  Fifty percent of the proceeds from this coffee will help pay the extraordinary cost of Wrenley's treatment — through February 28.

    Before deciding to write about Wrenley, though, we asked ourselves, "What can we learn from this? How much is too much to spend on a beloved pet? Beyond the emotion of Wrenley's story, what is the financial commitment for owning a pet dog?"

    We checked with the AKC, and they told us the average first-year cost for a well-cared-for dog is $3,085.

    Included in that estimate are nearly $500 a year for food, $500 for supplies, $400 for preventive medications, and annual veterinary costs of $650.  Other components of cost include vaccination, spay/neuter, doggie gear, crates, bedding — and boarding, daycare, or petsitting.
    We also looked at a study from The University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinarian Medicine by Kelly Giffear and Brittany Scott.  That study reports the average lifetime cost of raising a dog is $23,410.
    None of those numbers include classes for training.  And none of them include replacing furniture or belongings destroyed by a teething puppy.

    Giant breeds like Wrenley can cost much more.  We checked with several breeders who reminded us that the cost simply to acquire a Great Dane puppy is typically between $1,700 – $3,000. By comparison, Great Danes adopted from a shelter often cost between $300 and $400.

    Still... none of this accounts for serious injury or illness similar to what Wrenley and her family have encountered.  

    We invite you to join us in helping them, by purchasing a a bag or subscription of Wrenley Strong coffee.  We also invite you to share our blog to let folks know what they're getting into when they decide to add a dog to their family.  Many people do not realize the typical costs, and many may not expect to encounter the extraordinary costs associated with a more serious health problem.

    Since the day we reached out to Kamie and Dawn, we've witnessed loving and capable, amazingly committed, responsible and compassionate Great Dane owners doing everything they can to comfort and heal their dog.

    Dawn and Kamie do not operate a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. They did not ask us to help them raise money; rather, we reached out to them.  They are real people, with real Great Danes — a real family, with a real need.

    To anyone inclined to help, thank you. We will continue to use our company for good. And we will introduce more coffees to benefit more people, dogs, rescues, and families.
    Here's a link to our newest coffee:  Wrenley Strong

    Drink Coffee. Save Dogs.
  • Facts About Pet Insurance for Your Great Dane

    At Great Dane Coffee Company, we belong to quite a few Great Dane discussion forums, and pet health insurance is a topic that comes up regularly.

    How much does it cost?  Where can I buy it?  What are the deductibles?  What does it cover?  Do I really need it?

    A friend of ours has written a comprehensive guide to Great Dane Pet Insurance, and so we thought we'd share his article on our blog for those who are interested. 

    Get the Facts on Great Dane Pet Insurance










  • Great Dane Coffee Company Donates $1,200 in Cash, Thousands More in Coffee, Apparel, and Services to Rescues, Nationwide

    George Carson, President & Chief Executive Dog Walker of Great Dane Coffee Company, announced today the results of his start-up company's first quarter operations. Results included $1,200 in cash donations to twelve non-profit shelter and rescue organizations, and thousands more in coffee, apparel, and fundraising services.

    "We are overwhelmed here by the kindness of the Great Dane Rescue community and the dog rescue community in general," Carson said.  "Great Dane owners, especially, along with shelters and their volunteers, seem to have embraced our brand and agreed that our mission — Drink Coffee. Save Dogs. — is worthwhile. We couldn't be more pleased with the results of our first three months in business.

    Great Dane Coffee Company donates 20 percent of the profit in its coffee and apparel to a dozen shelters, nationwide.  Most of them are Great Dane rescue organizations; although, a few are "multi-breed" organizations.

    The company also helps shelters by donating coffee, apparel, or gift cards for online auctions and other fundraising events.  And it builds e-commerce pages for rescue shelters within its own, online store — where it designs and supplies merchandise for shelters.  The shelters pay no upfront or monthly fees to have their personalized e-commerce stores.  And the shelters keep approximately 80 percent of the profits from each sale of custom merchandise.

    "If you include everything, we've donated $1,200 in cash, almost $2,000 more in merchandise, and several thousand dollars in services to design apparel lines for our shelter partners and add them to our e-commerce store," Carson explained. "On top of that, the shelters with pages within our store have sold hundreds of dollars of merchandise, and — collectively — they have earned thousands more in cash, promoting their shops.  We're having a ball making new friends and building this brand around their needs.  This really seems like an industry where everyone helps everyone."

    Carson also reported that the company served more than 500 unique customers during its first three months in business.  

    "When we look at the stats, we're just grateful," Carson added.  "We labored over our choice of coffees, and the reviews we're getting back are very positive.  People are loving the coffee and appreciating the customer service."

    The customer service comes from Carson and a staff of volunteers who run the company.  They all work together at an advertising agency owned by Carson, and they took this project on as a side project when things slowed down during the pandemic.

    "It was meant to be a hobby, but our customers have helped us turn it into a real thing.  Even so, nobody is taking a dime from this until it's up and running — at least in the first year.  After that, we think we'll be able to give even bigger, and we hope to be able to create a couple full time, paid positions to keep the company growing beyond its first year."

    Great Dane Coffee Company believes every abandoned dog deserves a second chance. They use the sale of their single origin and blended coffees to help dogs find new homes. Twenty percent of the company's profits benefit no-kill animal shelters, dog foster care organizations, and Great Dane Rescue operations.  The company makes additional donations and contributions as funds allow.

    Anyone who wants to contribute to the company's mission — or anyone who just wants great coffee — can shop at  Subscriptions are available for most coffees.




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