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Foster Fuel Blonde Coffee

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Our Foster Fuel Blonde coffee is smoother and offers more dynamic flavor nuances than other coffees.  And because it’s lightly roasted, it’s just a bit higher in caffeine — giving foster moms and dads that little extra pep they might need to get through their days.

Like all of our coffees, 20 percent of the profit goes to the shelters we support, but we also send $1 a bag to The Great Dane Sanctuary, a place for unadoptable pure bred Great Danes to live out their lives in a safe, secure, happy, healthy and loving environment, being cared for until their very last day.  It is the only sanctuary of its kind in the U.S. and accepts dogs from all over the country.

Land and buildings, known as the Dane Farm, have been donated to the Great Dane Sanctuary. The Danes here have acres of woods to play in, get to come in the house, have their own furniture to lay around on, and are only kenneled at night and for meals.  We’re very proud to support the efforts of the amazing and dedicated folks at the Great Dane Sanctuary.

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