Black Blanket Cold Brew Coffee

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Mantle Great Danes sport a "black blanket" over a pure, white base coat.  The most sought-after mantle Great Danes are pure black and white with no other colors such as merle, blue, brown or fawn — but we love 'em all.

You'll love our sought-after Black Blanket Cold Brew Coffee, cup after cup. Specifically blended for cold brew coffee, Black Blanket is pure. It contains no additives, nothing artificial, just 100% coffee.

Cold brew coffee is a dark French roast and the grounds are very coarse.

Customers love our products...

I ordered coffee from here and it was delicious! I'm ordering some more!

- Karin

My dogs are LOVING the dog treats! 💗💗

- Tyanne

Just ordered the treats. They are buy one, get second bag at 1/2 off. Yum!!! Yes, the PBJ training treats are good!

- Paige

We received our coffee! Such fast delivery and great customer service. 😀🐾☕️ The coffee is really good and my Frenchies love the treats too!

- Amy

I have been enjoying this coffee every morning and afternoon. Great flavor, wonderful product and amazing business plan!! I love the product they are producing and the help they are giving to all of the fur babies! We will be treating ourselves to a new bag/flavor once a month!

- Jennifer

I was going to wait until the morning for my first cup, but this coffee smelled SO good I couldn’t wait…and it did not disappoint in flavor!!! Great brand, friendly owner, delicious fresh coffee ☕️ 🐾 I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!!

- Michelle

I have purchased several sweatshirts in the past two years and they are super soft, comfy and the colors do not fade! worth every penny :) My four legged kids love the treats also.

- Angela

Great company, great mission, great coffee and Great Danes! Ok but really, the coffee tastes great too! Personally, I won’t be buying my coffee from anywhere else.

- Karla