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Harlequin House Blend

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Harlequin is one of the seven officially recognized Great Dane colors. A harlequin Great Dane has a white base color coat with irregular shaped black patches, evenly distributed across the body. Although there are clear differences, this Great Dane color is similar to that of a Dalmatian.  It's probably the most sought-after Great Dane variation, and so we used it to name our most sought after coffee blend.

A medium roast blend of select coffees from Central and South America that is smooth, clean and consistent for a flavorful cup every time. Features a medium body with tasting notes that include nutty, sweet chocolate, mild citrus and a clean bright finish. These blended coffees are both natural/dry processed and wet mill washed/sun dried. These techniques are friendly to the environment, the rain forests and the living creatures of the high elevation mountains where these coffees are grown.

Important:  Never, never, never mistake a Harlequin Great Dane for a Dalmatian; it's a pet peeve of virtually everyone who's ever owned a spotted Dane.

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